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50 Cent releases “Animal Ambition” mixtape cover [PHOTO]

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50 Cent releases “Animal Ambition” mixtape cover [PHOTO]

50 Cent 20What 50 Cent brought to the game over the years is a formula a lot of rappers have adopted over the years. Once considered to be blackballed from the industry, 50 Cent teamed up with DJ Whoo Kid and released street albums. One of his albums ended up being heard by Eminem and the rest is history.

Despite being a multimillionaire and having dropped several multiplatinum albums, it looks like 50 Cent is blackballed again. It’s been four years since his last album dropped and he has struggled to get label support for his latest album. As a result, 50 Cent has reverted back to street albums.

Animal Ambition is the latest project from 50 Cent and he announced the project earlier this week. Hungry to release more music, 50 Cent has a big week planned of promoting this new project. On Instagram, 50 Cent released the cover for the Animal Ambition project.

See the Animal Ambition cover below:

Animal Ambition


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