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50 Cent responds to T.I.’s VIBE interview via Twitter

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50 Cent responds to T.I.’s VIBE interview via Twitter

Since the 2003 release of Get Rich or Die Tryin’, 50 Cent has been the bully of the hip hop game. 50 Cent is best-known for his feuds with Ja Rule, Game, Cam’ron, and Rick Ross. But, in recent years, 50 Cent has taken shots at Diddy, Jay-Z, B.G., Dr. Dre, Young Buck, and Lil Wayne among other high-profile names.

Over the years, T.I. and 50 Cent have been able to peacefully co-exist. While the two rappers have never collaborated, they appeared to get along well. During his feud with Ludacris, T.I. appeared on the original version of Young Buck’s “Stomp” and took shots at his rival. The feud between the two rappers was rumored to be ended by 50 Cent.

However, in 2008, there were rumors of 50 Cent taking subliminal shots at T.I. on his album with G-Unit. Speaking on this, 50 Cent questioned when he ever subliminally dissed any of his rivals. During a video shoot, T.I. also posed the same question and said he has no issues with the G-Unit general.

When it comes to his family, though, it is a different story with T.I. Last year, fans were excited as they hoped T.I. would put together a comeback album. Instead of a comeback, T.I. was arrested and sent back to prison on drug charges. During this time, T.I. pleaded with fans for forgiveness and people had much to say about his situation. From the beginning, 50 Cent said Tiny should have taken the fall for T.I. if she truly loved him.

Early in his promo run, T.I. was asked about 50 Cent’s statement and he ended up saying matters that concern his personal life and his family are between him and his family. During his interview with VIBE, T.I. was more in-depth about 50 Cent’s comments. He said his statement was for 50 Cent, or anyone else who had an issue with the situation, his wife would never see any jail time because of his actions. T.I. said she is the nurturer of his family and the children need her, so her going to prison for him is out of the question.

50 Cent has caught up with the story and he is not pleased. On Twitter, 50 Cent vented about T.I.

Read 50 Cent’s Twitter messages below:

Man I just saw something T.I said in VIBE about a tweet I wrote when he caught his drug case. He just got out a jam and caught a new one. Any other time a nigga done. Get caught with 10 machine gun an silencer then catch a drug charge. You will f**k around and get natural life.

This boy got a get outta jail FREE card. Don’t get emotional over your lady. It a get you in some sh*t you don’t want to be in.

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