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50 Cent takes credit for shutting down

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50 Cent takes credit for shutting down

Today, the hip hop world has been shaken to its core with news about being shut down. Ever since 2009, it has been the top website in hip hop news. The site surpassed such giants as and because the site only showed videos.

While the site was very popular within the hip hop community and a great tool for new artists, 50 Cent was not a fan of the site. Ironically, the G-Unit general promised to take the site down right before it rose to popularity. At the time, the owners of the site laughed off 50 Cent’s threats.

50 Cent owns, a direct competitor to WorldStar and he sued them for copyright infringement. In an interview, 50 Cent said he planned to sue the site in order for to win the battle for viewership and he has finally won after two years in the background. 50 Cent said he finally got a suit against the suit after he sued them for using his image without his permission and some fans thought the site was his.

Many hip hop sites use the same practices as by using videos uploaded by another site and uploading it into its own system and placing their own logo over the original logo.

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