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50 Cent talks new album and Coachella 2012 with ES News [VIDEO]

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50 Cent talks new album and Coachella 2012 with ES News [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
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Five years have passed since 50 Cent revealed trouble in his paradise of Interscope Records, due to the lack of support for his Curtis album. After his album barely certified platinum, following two consecutive albums going platinum five times over, 50 Cent began calling his label out. During his time working on his next album, 50 Cent promised things would be different with his next album.

Indeed things were different on 50 Cent’s next album, Before I Self Destruct. Interest in 50 Cent’s music was declining, as his singles did not generate much radio play. No radio play led to highly-disappointing sales of his album. To date, the album has sold a little over 300,000 copies, angering 50 Cent as he was used to doing those type of numbers in one day.

50 Cent made it clear his days at Interscope Records were numbered in 2009, going as far as establishing a new deal with EMI Records. Owing Interscope one more album, 50 Cent has had a hard time landing a release date. Honoring his promise to his fans, 50 Cent released The Big 10, a mixtape treated like an album and said he would do more, no longer supporting his Interscope releases.

Recently, 50 Cent backed off those comments and said he may even remain with Interscope Records after the release of his next album, which 50 said will be released in July. With no singles out, 50 Cent has remained confident in the release date. 50 Cent, album or no album, was a part of history when he had the chance to perform alongside Tupac Shakur at Coachella 2012. ES News recently caught up with 50 Cent, asking him about his new album and the Coachella performance.

Watch the entire interview below:

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