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50 Cent talks “Street King Immortal” and G-Unit reunion with Billboard

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50 Cent talks “Street King Immortal” and G-Unit reunion with Billboard

50 Cent 10By The Hip Hop Writer
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Over the years, 50 Cent has proven to be very demanding. 50 Cent rose to the top of the game by force, as opposed to choice. Despite his popularity waning, 50 Cent has not accepted it. Probably hip hop’s most-demanding artist ever, 50 Cent is still plotting his comeback.

Street King Immortal is where it all begins for him. Unlike with his previous albums, already 50 Cent has two chart-topping hit singles off this album. 50 Cent hit the world with his “New Day” single with Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre, which was followed by the controversial “My Life” single, with Adam Levine and Eminem.

50 Cent recently spoke to Billboard, confirming February 26 as the Street King Immortal release date. During the promotion of his 5 street album, 50 Cent called Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo out. From the way it seemed, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo would soon be joining Game and Young Buck, but 50 Cent said they have had their differences, but they are still together. Following 50 Cent’s album, he hinted toward working with G-Unit on a new album, their third.

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