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50 Cent vs. Lupe Fiasco feud?

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50 Cent vs. Lupe Fiasco feud?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Even during his days as a mixtape rapper, 50 Cent was known as one of hip hop’s biggest forces. In 2003, 50 Cent released his commercial debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, which was laced with disses aimed at Ja Rule. At the time, Ja Rule was the biggest rapper in the game, 50 Cent took that role.

On his second album, The Massacre, 50 Cent moved on from his feud with Ja Rule. While he still dissed his foe, 50 Cent began dissing Fat Joe, Jadakiss, and Nas. Because of this, Game, then a member of G-Unit, separated himself from 50 Cent. This led to a feud between the label-mates.

50 Cent sparked a feud with Cam’ron before the release of his third album, Curtis. At the same time, 50 Cent found common ground with Jadakiss. It has become clear what 50 Cent does when it is time for him to release a new album. 50 boasted of how he may decide to release a new album this year.

For his new “Street King” movement, 50 Cent has been releasing a new track every day. While the movement is for a worthy cause, 50 Cent took shots at Lupe Fiasco. After being out of the limelight for four years, Lupe Fiasco returned with his chart-topping album, Lasers. The album solidified Lupe Fiasco as the new socially-concious figure in hip hop. For the most part, Lupe Fiasco has stayed away from beef, but he had a minor tiff with Soulja Boy last December.

With 50 Cent apparently taking shots during a time when beef is more of a joke than a true competition, will Lupe Fiasco respond to 50 Cent, or will be invite him to dinner?

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