Ace Hood talks Finances with Forbes

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2007, the economy began to fail and most Americans found themselves in a tight spot. However, Ace Hood was signed to Def Jam in 2007, so his economy received a major boost. Fresh out of high school, Ace Hood began living the millionaire lifestyle.

Ace Hood leased a 2007 Cadillac Escalade and put 26-inch rims on it, he also began renting a high-rise condo at $3,000 a month. In 2008, Ace released Gutta, his debut album. From there, the shopping sprees and trips began.

While he was spending money, left and right, Ace Hood’s records were not doing so well. After the release of Ruthless, Ace Hood went on a hiatus because his records were not selling. With his back against the wall, things were looking grim, and Ace Hood asked DJ Khaled for a loan.

Nearly losing everything, DJ Khaled told Ace Hood to go back to what made him successful in the first place, hit records. Ace Hood recorded “Hustle Hard” and Rick Ross and Lil Wayne jumped on the remix, which propelled his comeback album, Blood, Sweat, & Tears. Ace Hood is now one of the more popular rappers in the game, with more new music on the way.

Older and wiser, Ace Hood says he spends his money more-wisely. The excessive spending early in his career is a thing of the past.

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