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Global Superstars Akon And Pitbull Unveil Official Video For “Te Quiero Amar”

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Global Superstars Akon And Pitbull Unveil Official Video For “Te Quiero Amar”


Superstars Akon and Pitbull, unite in historic collab and release today the official video for “TE QUIERO AMAR” (I WANT TO LOVE YOU). Available on all physical and digital platforms today via Akonik Label Group in partnership with BMG.

Watch the video here

“Te Quiero Amar” it’s an urban tropical reggaetón, written by Akon, Co-written by Pitbull, Maffio, Yulien Oviedo & Daniel Santa Cruz.  The fiery song carries a powerful message of love, a deep connection, and the desire of not wanting to be without that special one. 

The official video for “Te quiero Amar” was filmed in Miami and highlights the Latin culture. Directed by …….. and features Akon and Pitbull pouring their hearts out to their special one. The colorful vibrant visual gets as Latin as you can get, a big street party, people vibing to a tropical-reggaeton beat, and letting the love speak for itself.

Akon and Pitbull are ready to inject positivity and love into trying times, music unites people of all different backgrounds and “Te Quiero Amar” it’s the perfect example. 

Akon is one of the most successful artists of our generation and continues to expend his music to a wider audience. The philanthropist, entertainer and magnate is thrilled to release new music but even more excited to truly recognize and build international talent. “TE QUIERO AMAR” is available now on all digital platforms.

About Akon

Akon has sold over 35 million albums worldwide and received 5 Grammy Nominations. Firmly established as a successful pop artist, his extensive touring and collaborations with David Guetta and Daddy Yankee to Aventura–has given him credibility across musical genres and around the world setting him up to execute his vision, which provides him with an infrastructure to release music from every region of the world. Akon has created a worldwide platform that not only recognizes US mainstream acts but also talent that hails out of Latin America and the Caribbean as well as his own diasporic roots across Africa. This global music takeover is Akon’s stamp on the world and his message is loud and clear, we are all connected through a universal language – music.

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