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“Atlanta” Season 3 Will Reportedly Finally Air, on FX, in The First Half of 2022

Back in the fall of 2016, hip-hop fans fell in love with a new series in “Atlanta,” on FX. This show detailed the life of rising Atlanta rapper, Paper Boi, who is played by Bryan Tyree Henry. Donald Glover plays the role of Earn, Paper Boi’s cousin, who ends up managing him. Lakeith Stanfield also plays the role of Darius, who is friends of both of them.

Season 2 concluded in May of 2018, where Paper Boi, Earn & Darius all boarded a flight, as Paper Boi’s European tour was starting soon. Since then, there have been delays in the airing of season three. The COVID-19 pandemic made things more complicated as well.

The cast finally began filming in London though, this past April. Now, FX chairman John Landgraf says that filming is finished, and Atlanta season 3 will air in the “first half of 2022,” according to TheWrap.

“We haven’t locked down the scheduling for season three yet. It has finished shooting. It shot primarily in Europe, actually, and it’s in post-production. But it is a lengthy post-production process on that.“

In addition to season 3, the fourth installment is also in production. The scrips have since been finalized for that season.

“And part of the reason it’s like this is because they’re actually in production right now on season four in Atlanta,” Landgraf continued. And all of the scripts for season four have been written. I absolutely adore those scripts for both seasons.”

“So to be honest with you, the reason I can’t quite lock it down for you is that it really is driven by Donald Glover and Hiro Murai’s schedule and availability and the length of post, both for season three, while they’re in the process of producing season four. But note that I did list it as one of the things that will be coming back in the first half of 2022.”

A release date for season 3 should also be finalized “within a couple month.” Among the locations shot for seasons 3 & 4 are Atlanta, London, Amsterdam, and Paris. This is all great news for Atlanta fans as hopefully, this new timeframe for the season 3 air date stays this way.

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