High school band director tased and arrested for not making his band stop playing, after the game was over

Band director gets tased and arrested for band continuing to play

In Alabama, there is a controversial situation that has people talking. Already, the state of Alabama was home to the infamous riverboat situation. Now, there is the high school band director that became a victim of the police for doing his job. Obviously, Alabama is a place used to the kinds of controversy that it’s had this summer. But the band director ended up being tased, before his arrest, for refusing to make his band stop playing music, after the football game ended.

High school sports are among the most popular form of sports in America. There is a lot of attention given to high school sports because children are playing. Most of the children are either related to the audiences watching, or just neighborhood kids. As a result, most of the people who play high school sports are playing in front of people who know and love them. Even people such as the band directors are known by the community.

Johnny Mims was the band director for the high school. Normally, the high school’s band plays after the game is over. Following the football game, he had his band playing. However, the Birmingham Police Department was trying to clear the crowd. As a result, they told the band director to end the music. But, according to reports, Mr. Mims allowed his kids to keep playing. After that, a verbal altercation took place, and then the police tased the man, before arresting him.

Source: The Neighborhood Talk

Band director gets tased and arrested for band continuing to play

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