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Ben Simmons goes viral for slamming Jarrett Allen to the ground, while battling for the ball [VIDEO]

Ben Simmons body slams Jarrett Allen battling for the ball

Ben Simmons has gone through a lot, in his NBA career. When Simmons was drafted, he was supposed to be the savior of the Philadelphia 76ers. Condensing a lot, Simmons ended up not being that guy, and now he plays for the Brooklyn Nets. Against all odds, Simmons is the third wheel in the Nets’ Big 3, led by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Quietly, the Nets have become one of the NBA’s best teams, battling for the first seed in the Eastern Conference.

Ben Simmons did not play a single minute of NBA basketball, last season. As a result, he helped hinder both the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets, last season. While no longer fully considered a superstar, Ben Simmons is playing a key role for the Nets. This has allowed Brooklyn to overcome their dysfunction and get back to simply winning games. After all, Kevin Durant joined Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn to win games. Finally, the Nets are getting that done.

Ben Simmons was in Cleveland, last night, to play the Cavaliers. To the Cavs’ credit, they have done their part to win games. Not only have they solidified their core, but they also traded for Donovan Mitchell, this past summer. As a result, the Cavs are also contenders. This led to a tight game, last night. Eventually, the Nets won in Cleveland. However, Simmons had the viral moment, when he essentially body slammed Jarrett Allen, while they were scrambling for possession of the ball.

Ben Simmons body slams Jarrett Allen battling for the ball

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