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Beyonce labeled the next Michael Jackson for bleaching her skin

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Beyonce labeled the next Michael Jackson for bleaching her skin

Beyonce 7It’s hard to look at what Beyonce has done here recently and not be amazed. Even more so, it’s hard to look back at the Beyonce of old and see how much she has changed. Going through changes is something to be proud of, ask her husband Jay-Z, as he mentioned this on one of his records.

But, there are two articles on the Huffington Post that notes how Beyonce has gotten lighter and lighter, in skin tone, in her tour photos. At one point, the article states she looks like a Victorian white woman in the Elizabethan era. The article then questions why Beyonce is doing this to herself as a black woman in 2013.

Going on to break down the race situations from over the centuries where black women bleached, they draw comparisons to Michael Jackson. It was said that a rare skin disease caused Michael Jackson to constantly bleach his skin, but others say he did it to look brighter. With Beyonce, she is being accused of the latter, which is causing debate.

Each article has two ways of tackling the same point, which is Beyonce, a woman of color and of influence, who is apparently changing herself to fit in with mainstream America.

Read both articles here and here.

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