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Beyonce wins #SB50 on Twitter with #Formation performance and her booty #SuperBowl50 #SuperBowl #SuperBowlSunday

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Beyonce wins #SB50 on Twitter with #Formation performance and her booty #SuperBowl50 #SuperBowl #SuperBowlSunday

Beyonce Super BowlHeaded into the Super Bowl, tonight, Beyonce received tons of media attention. Photos of her and her entourage traveling to the arena dominated Twitter and Instagram. Prior to her performance, Jay Z delivered her 10,000 roses, he can afford it.

There was no doubt that Beyonce would kill the show, the only question was how she would do it. Performing alongside Bruno Mars and Coldplay, Beyonce showed how she would do it. It remains to be seen if she shut the power down, this time, but Beyonce owned it.

Several fans on Twitter have given the Super Bowl 50 title to Beyonce for her performance. There was nothing but love for Beyonce for her performance and her booty, which are owning Twitter. Only a few have recognized Beyonce for honoring the late Michael Jackson with her outfit.

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