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Bill Cosby is trending, due to J. Cole’s LA Leakers freestyle, where he says “No Bill Cosby, but if they sleepin’, then f*ck’em” [VIDEO]

Bill Cosby J. Cole LA Leakers freestyle TwitterLong ago, J. Cole established himself as one of the top lyricists in the game. Relatively easily, J. Cole placed his name among the legends. In 2014, he released 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and the album became the first in twenty-five years to go platinum with no features.

J. Cole has since made that routine, frequently dropping platinum albums, with no features. Aside from that, J. Cole is credited for bringing creativity back to music videos. His visuals have been compared to the classics of the 1990s, and early 2000s.

In his own right, J. Cole created a classic moment, when he visited L.A. Leakers, at Power 106. Doing their freestyle challenge, J. Cole ended it, leaving Bill Cosby trending on Twitter. Simply his throwaway line, “No Bill Cosby, but if they sleeping, then f*ck’em,” has left Twitter in shambles.

Watch the entire video below:

Read the tweets about J. Cole’s freestyle below:

Bill Cosby J. Cole LA Leakers freestyle Twitter

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