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Birdman loses $2 million on the Miami Heat

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Birdman loses $2 million on the Miami Heat

By The Hip Hop Writer
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In terms of popularity, Miami is easily one of the top five cities in the United States. People from all over the world dream of going down there and some never leave. A native of New Orleans, Birdman got rich and moved to Miami. While New Orleans is in him forever, he has adapted to the Miami lifestyle.

The Miami lifestyle is one of the reasons Dwyane Wade chose to stay with the Miami Heat. Wade was able to sell this lifestyle to his NBA buddies, Chris Bosh and LeBron James. Last summer, the two All-Stars joined Wade in Miami. Following four tough seasons, the franchise held a celebration after the signing.

LeBron James was a two-time MVP and Dwyane Wade had won in the NBA Finals before. Because of this, everyone suddenly became fans of the Miami Heat. However, it took the team a long time to get things together on the court. Following a slow start, the Heat quickly became contenders, but they could not defeat the other contenders.

However, by the time the playoffs rolled around, the Miami Heat were ready. After being tormented all season long by the Boston Celtics and the league-leading Chicago Bulls, the Heat put together a solid run and eliminated both teams in five games. It was before the 2011 NBA Finals when even the doubters became sure the Heat would win the championship. After game one, it was clear Dwyane Wade was still the leader, but things fell apart after their 2-1 start.

Confident fans still held on to the belief Miami would do a repeat of 2006 and overcome their 3-2 deficit and defeat Dallas. For most of the night, it seemed as if this would happen, but Dirk Nowitzki would not allow this. After years of losing in Dallas, he wanted to right the wrong of 2006 and win his first NBA title on the homecourt of the Miami Heat. Last night, Nowtizki did just that, in the process, costing Birdman the $2 million he had bet in favor of the Heat.

All the money Birdman made off other sports championships was lost in his bet for the Miami Heat. Good thing for him his Cash Money empire shows no signs of slowing down anytime this decade.

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