Black men on Twitter drag a female Black therapist for her comments about black men and dating in TikTok video [VIDEO]

Black men insult female Black therapist on Twitter Black men insult female Black therapist on Twitter

On TikTok, @unusuallybree has become a very popular figure. A therapist by trade, @unusuallybree has become a social media star. While TikTok is where @unusuallybree primarily operates, a lot of the attention she is receiving is coming from Twitter.

Over the weekend, @unusuallybree had a TikTok video that gained momentum on Twitter. A woman shared her video, which was addressing Black men. Clearly, @unusuallybree is a Black woman. With that being said, @unusuallybree offered some stern advice to Black men.

Basically, @unusuallybree said Black men are behind the curve when it comes to taking care of women, particularly Black women. While she went the vulgar route, @unusuallybree said Black women used to need men for their stimulation and financial security. In modern times, however, @unusuallybree said women can satisfy themselves, and they also have good jobs of their own. As a result, Black men have to step up, emotionally, which many do not do.

Because @unusuallybree said what she said, her video went viral. The Black men on Twitter found the video and it’s been trending for three days. As a result, @unusuallybree has been getting dragged by the Black men on Twitter. In addition, the video from her has sparked a debate, which is ongoing, about Black men, Black women, and their relationships.

Black men insult female Black therapist on Twitter

Black men insult female Black therapist on Twitter 

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