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Blueface posts inappropriate photo of his son, leading for calls to CPS to step in

Blueface posts inappropriate photo of his son

Blueface has consistently been doing controversial things and making wild statements. With his oldest son, he was asking him all kinds of inappropriate questions. The reason Blueface said he did it was to make sure his son wasn’t gay. Since then, Chrisean Rock has given birth to Blueface’s second child, also a son. After initially denying the child was his, Blueface has since accepted him. In addition, he posted a very disturbing photo of his child.

Blueface’s own mother has made disturbing remarks about him. When speaking on a man in her life, she said her son was bigger than him. Many people were disturbed and sickened by what Karlissa said about her son. Now, Blueface appears to be following in his mother’s footsteps. Five years ago, he rose to fame with “Thotiana.” Ever since, Blueface has been doing everything he can to stay famous. However, he has now taken it too far.

Blueface posted a disturbing picture of his newborn son, on social media. Due to the graphic nature of the photo, it isn’t available on the site. In addition, will not provide info on where and how to find this picture. However, the people who have seen it are calling for Blueface’s arrest and for CPS to get involved. Among other things, they are hoping he faces neglect and abuse charges. In addition, they want Chrisean Rock arrested, as their antics have gone too far.

Blueface posts inappropriate photo of his son

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