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Bomani Jones and fans question Pitbull’s fame on Twitter

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Bomani Jones and fans question Pitbull’s fame on Twitter

Bomani JonesOne of the most-outspoken figures in sports media is Bomani Jones. Whether it be a program on ESPN or one of his columns, Bomani Jones is known to spark a debate, but it is usually sports related. Twitter is often a domain where Bomani Jones sparks a bit of discussion.

Every now and again, Bomani Jones is known for switching things up and sparking a different type of debate. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Bomani Jones decided he would switch his topics up. His latest Twitter post caused a lot of discussion, but it was mostly about music, not sports.

Bomani Jones had comments about Pitbull today on Twitter. Out of nowhere, Pitbull became an international star and he continues releasing new music. But, Bomani Jones questioned who made him famous because he didn’t and most of the fans agreed with those sentiments.

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