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Bow Wow disses an unnamed person for contacting his DJ and says this person has always been jealous of him

Bow Wow disses unnamed person for contacting his DJ

Bow Wow is a living legend, but this often gets overlooked by the people. While many people make jokes about him, his list of hits are up there. When speaking of the early 2000s, Bow Wow had hits right alongside the other legends. However, for whatever reason, the fans always play with him. In addition, some rappers have also tried slighting him. There’s a person Bow didn’t mention by name who DM-ed his DJ. Presumably, this person is also a rapper. Regardless, Bow Wow had unkind words for them.

Bow Wow initially was Snoop Dogg’s protege, and was briefly signed to Death Row Records. When the whole Death Row crew went on tour, Snoop met Bow Wow in Cleveland. As a result, he flew him out to Los Angeles. After that, he signed him, and had him making appearances in his music videos. However, due to the volatile nature of Death Row, Snoop Dogg removed Bow Wow from the label. From there, he was paired with Jermaine Dupri. The rest was history.

Bow Wow rose to fame under Jermaine Dupri’s mentorship. However, over the past two years, Bow has had choice words for JD. As a result, it appears as though there is beef between the two. Now, there seems to be another person Bow is upset with, if he isn’t hinting at DJ. The situation is that someone sent a DM to Bow Wow’s DJ. As a result, Bow ranted on this person, accusing them of being jealous of him, among other things. In addition, he said the person has always been second to him.

Source: SayCheese

Bow Wow disses unnamed person for contacting his DJ

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