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Brittany Renner takes pic with Shannon Sharpe for upcoming interview, but her back side steals the attention [PHOTO]

Brittany Renner’s back side takes focus in Shannon Sharpe pic

Brittany Renner has been commanding a lot of attention for a long time. While she’s been around the industry for years, her claim to fame is the PJ Washington situation. Actually, Deion Sanders had Renner come in and speak to his players about how to avoid certain kinds of women. Given her proximity to the world of pro sports, it’s fitting that she sits down with Shannon Sharpe. However, the promo photo had people only focusing on her bottom.

Brittany Renner initially rose to fame when she was involved with Lil Uzi Vert. After that, she began being associated with several high profile men. When she got with PJ Washington, of the Charlotte Hornets, many people warned him. However, he married her, they had a baby, and then she filed for divorce. As a result, Renner gained the reputation of a groomer. But, she’s really found a niche as a podcast guest and host.

Brittany Renner recently sat down with Shannon Sharpe for an interview on his podcast. Anyone who was watched Brittany’s interviews knows this will be an entertaining interview. In addition, it is set to be a memorable one. However, when the first promotional photo hit the internet, it commanded the attention of the same internet. The photo of her with Shannon Sharpe has the attention of the people, due to her back.

Brittany Renner’s back side takes focus in Shannon Sharpe pic

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