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Brittany Renner tells Shannon Sharpe that she’s slept with 35 men [VIDEO]

Brittany Renner reveals she’s slept with 35 men

Brittany Renner is proudly one of the most controversial women in the game. How her relationship played out with PJ Washington is one reason for the backlash she receives. The rest of it is how unapologetic she is about things. At the same time, Renner being fine with being herself is why she’s lasted as long as she has. Now, she’s on one of the leading podcasts in the industry. When she sat down with Shannon Sharpe, she opened up on everything, including the men she’s slept with.

Brittany Renner has had her name tied to several men in the industry. However, the main two she’s been with are Lil Uzi Vert and PJ Washington. Since her split from PJ, Renner has been much more visible in the public eye. First, she was doing her social media antics, which generated much attention. But, since then, she has appeared on numerous podcasts. The interview she did with Shannon Sharpe will be her most high-profile one yet.

Brittany Renner spoke on everything with Shannon Sharpe, on “Club Shay Shay.” When the discussion of the men in her life came up, she held nothing back. Quickly, Renner told that she has actually slept with thirty-five men. After she said that, Shannon Sharpe nearly choked on his drink. He briefly paused the interview, asking if his crew needed a drink. Meanwhile, the fans on social media have had a lot to say about her confession.

Brittany Renner reveals she’s slept with 35 men

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