Canadian artist officially files lawsuit against Lil’ Kim over “Dead Gal Walking” cover

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that the artist who claimed Lil’ Kim stole her artwork for “Dead Gal Walking” was considering filing a lawsuit. After not getting a response to her warning, the artist has now filed the lawsuit. This all started a few weeks after Lil’ Kim released her Halloween-inspired “Dead Gal Walking” single.

Samantha Ravndhal is the name of the artist and she accused Lil’ Kim and the photo sharing service, WhoSay, of stealing her artwork off Reddit. After she made her initial strike against Lil’ Kim on Reddit, the artwork for the single was replaced. But, this did not stop Samantha Ravndhal, as she wants it removed.

Being ignored by Lil’ Kim and her team, Samantha Ravndhal has now decided to move forward with her lawsuit. The original report stated she would file a lawsuit for $150,000 and the motion has now been set. In the case of Lil’ Kim, she is no stranger to controversy, as she has faced off against Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown, and even Tupac, in the past.

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