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Cardi B Confirms Status Of Her and Offset’s Marriage During An Interview With ‘Good Morning America’ -“I’m Going To Have More Kids” ; She Talks Motherhood, Relationships, and Turning Down The Super Bowl

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Cardi B Confirms Status Of Her and Offset’s Marriage During An Interview With ‘Good Morning America’ -“I’m Going To Have More Kids” ; She Talks Motherhood, Relationships, and Turning Down The Super Bowl

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer

Cardi B sits down with Good Morning America during Super Bowl LIII weekend to talk motherhood, marriage to Offset, and turning down the Super Bowl. A few days ago, we reported her FaceTiming the Migos rapper and saying that they “get along very, very well,” now Cardi has officially addressed the status of her marriage during a recent interview with GMA.

The former stripper and reality tv star turned mainstream sensation it what seems to be overnight, says her career has exploded and she’s ready to slow down and focus on her family and being a mother.

Cardi B told ABC News’ T.J. Holmes:

“I don’t know, I did the parties when I was young, You know, I’m 26 now. I work almost 24 hours. I’m a mom. Once I’m in there … I’m in the party, like, I enjoy myself,” she added. “But it’s like I want go home.”

Cardi B added that “life changed like that” once her and her husband Offset welcomed their now 6 month old baby girl, Kulture. She goes on to discuss balancing work and motherhood.

“It is hard, you know? It’s like certain things I just miss. But it’s like I just think to myself … her future’s going to be so secure. Like, oh my gosh, she can have a Lambo when she’s, like, 18. But right now, I got to be in my grind, I’m going to have more kids, so” she said.

The Bronx femcee shares that having a two-parent is really important for her, especially considering the separation of her own parents affected the family. She plans to offer the same to Kulture. “I think we’re gonna be alright,” she said about her marriage. “You know, you got to take it slow.” Her busy schedule can get in the way of her family obligations, but she’s grinding hard for the financial well being of Kulture.

Although she wants to expand her family, her skyrocketing career isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Cardi also admits that her schedule has put a strain on her marriage. She goes on to confirm that her and Offset are working things out, especially for their daughter.

She mentions that:

  “A whole lot of people was telling me like, ‘Oh, you could date, you could find another man. And it’s like, I can. I could find anybody I want. I just feel like, you know, it’s really hard to date when you’re famous. You don’t know nowadays who want you for you. Sometimes I feeling people want me for Cardi B.”

Even though Cardi spent the week performing in Atlanta, she turned down the chance of taking center stage during the Super Bowl’s halftime show. She went on to tell GMA that the only way she would have done the performance is if they hired my friend back,” referring to former player Colin Kaepernick. Cardi B added that,

“If the guys take action on what’s really going on. And understand like why was this so important and such a uproar. Understand why. It do mean a lot to me, he’s standing up for minorities. And it’s like if we don’t support who stands up for us who’s going to support us? I grew up in different ethnicities of minorities so I, I sympathize with everybody you know.”

The BX native said she comes from a “melting pot, I see how minorities struggle and for somebody to stand up for us we got to support, and they need to understand why he stand up for us. It’s crazy.”

As the interview goes on, she talks Pepsi commercial and more. We are happy to hear that Offset and Cardi are working on their marriage not only for themselves, but for their daughter,Kulture.

Watch the interview below.

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