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Cast of #MoneyandViolence talks season two with Hot 97 [VIDEO]

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Cast of #MoneyandViolence talks season two with Hot 97 [VIDEO]

Money and Violence Hot 97A year ago, the web series, “Money & Violence,” became a trending topic on the internet. The show caught on like lighter fluid, but months after the first season aired. Since the series was done out of pocket, there were financial issues in getting season two going.

Ray, who plays Miz, spoke to Hip Hop Vibe, earlier this year about season two airing soon. Last week, the “Money & Violence” cast appeared at Jay Z’s TIDAL event with a big announcement. They revealed season two will appear on TIDAL starting in January 2016.

The cast and crew of “Money & Violence” spoke on the TIDAL deal and their history in the game, working with 50 Cent and Christina Aguilera. In the interview, they also talked about some of their other deals, including a deal with Lionsgate Entertainment. That deal is for them to have the show on cable by season three.


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