Cat watches Mike Tyson boxing and then starts boxing like Mike Tyson [VIDEO]

Cat watches Mike Tyson box and then boxes like Tyson

Some people debate about who the greatest boxer of all-time is. However, those who grew up watching Mike Tyson cannot be convinced there’s anyone better than him. Out of all the talented boxers, Tyson is the only one that has cats imitating his moves. Recently, a cat has taken over the internet for watching an old Tyson fight, and then doing the moves.

Mike Tyson was one of the most iconic stars of the 1990s. During that period of time, there were three Mikes in the spotlight. Those were Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and then Tyson. When it came down to Tyson, he was the top boxer of the decade. However, personal issues did sometimes get the best of him. Currently, he is doing well with his podcast, and other business ventures.

Meanwhile, there was a person who was watching an old Mike Tyson fight. While the person stayed off the camera, they had their cat in the full picture. After checking out the cat, the person began filming their pet. Tyson was known for his agility and the cat was definitely impressed. As a result, the cat was out there doing the Tyson moves.


Cat watches Mike Tyson box and then boxes like Tyson

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