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Chet Hanks, Mr. White Boy Summer, gets exposed for asking a girl for $200, in IG DMs; Fans on Twitter clown him [PHOTO]

Chet Hanks begging girls for moneyA few months ago, Chet Hanks went viral for promising 2021 would be a “White Boy Summer.” After all that attention, Hanks got caught begging. Now, Twitter is clowning him, saying it’s more like “Broke Boy Summer.”

Chet Hanks is the son of acclaimed actor, Tom Hanks, and has had some roles of his own. But, the younger Hanks is now more-popular for his social media antics. Akbar V ended up giving Chet a little more than he could handle.

But, Chet Hanks is out here winning, with a lot of these ladies. When he was in one woman’s DM, she was excited, and then he asked her for some money. She told him she could give $22, but he asked for $200, and the DMs have gone viral, with Twitter now clowning him.

See the DMs and read the tweets about Chet Hanks below:

Chet Hanks begging girls for money

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