Chicago man got jumped and robbed by two men in an alley [VIDEO]

Chicago man got jumped and robbed by two men in alley

There seems to always be something going on in Chicago. As a result, the city has a reputation that isn’t the brightest. However, every major city in America has crime. Much of this is due to major cities having a high population. But, in the case of Chicago, there seems to always be reports of a major crime. This situation isn’t just a report, there’s video footage of it. A man was walking down a Chicago alleyway and two men walked up on him and beat him.

Chicago has the nickname of “The Second City,” behind New York City. At one point, it was the second-largest city in America. Currently, the city of Chicago is the third-largest city in the nation. Obviously, the two larger cities are the aforementioned NYC and Los Angeles. Both of those cities also have had high reports of crime. The difference is that New York and LA have iconic businesses and districts within their cities that often receive plenty of press.

Recently, a video began getting traction on social media. The video depicts a man walking down an alleyway in Chicago by himself. While the man was walking, another man came seemingly out of nowhere, walking behind him. This man suddenly began hitting the first man, leading to him falling on the ground. After that, another man came in and began also beating the man. Finally, they ended up robbing the man.


Chicago man got jumped and robbed by two men in alley

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