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Chief Keef causes police to target Chicago gang, Lamrons

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Chief Keef causes police to target Chicago gang, Lamrons

Chief Keef 15Currently serving ninety days in jail for failing another drug test, Chief Keef is in the middle of yet another controversial story. From the moment Chief Keef gained fame, he has been one of the most-controversial rappers in the game. A lot of this stems from him being famous and still living a street life.

Law enforcement from Chicago’s Englewood district owe Chief Keef, as he indirectly helped them. The violence in Chicago is getting worse by the day and Chief Keef often raps about what goes on. Chief Keef shouted out the Lamrons when he mocked the death of Lil Jojo.

The Lamrons have gone much deeper than simply selling drugs, as they have branched out into identity theft and counterfeiting. Since Chief Keef’s tweets, Chicago police officers have targeted and arrested several gang members. They have met with gang members face-to-face and warned them to put their guns down.

Read the statements from the Chicago police officers below:

“A lot of this spiked with the Lil’ JoJo and Chief Keef stuff,” said Nicholas Roti, chief of the department’s Organized Crime Bureau. “They [gangs] started going back and forth with shootings.”

“We told them, ‘We want you to be assimilated into society and go to school, but if you go back to the old ways of shooting people we will not stand for it,’ ” Leo Schmitz said.

“We believe the identity-theft ring was a big part of the Lamron enterprise,” Roti said.

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