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Chief Keef denies involvment in Lil Jojo’s death on Twitter

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Chief Keef denies involvment in Lil Jojo’s death on Twitter

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last week, Chief Keef took over headlines when a series of posts on Twitter, coming from his account, began making disrespectful comments. A few weeks ago, Lupe Fiasco was asked how he felt about Chief Keef and his success. Noting the ongoing violence in Chicago, Lupe Fiasco said his music scares him, as it feeds back into the violence.

Some fans gave Lupe Fiasco a bit of backlash, but everyone generally agreed with what he had to say regarding the situation. Many waited to hear an official response from Chief Keef, with some fearing he would take offense. These fears were confirmed when Chief Keef addressed Lupe Fiasco on Twitter, threatening to slap him.

Those tweets came only after Chief Keef made fun of the death of rival Chicago rapper, Lil Jojo. After these comments came from his Twitter, Chief Keef found himself facing a backlash and much media scrutiny. It did not take long for Chief Keef to come out and address what was going on. From the beginning, Chief Keef has stated his Twitter was hacked, many simply do not believe it.

While Chief Keef has been facing media backlash, he took to his Twitter to announce what was going on. Chief Keef officially offered his condolences to Lil Jojo’s family, denying any involvmement in his death. The young rapper has, seemingly, laid his issues with the deceased rapper, Lil Jojo, to death, but he has not spoken on his comments about Lupe Fiasco.

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