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Chief Keef is going back to jail, according to Texas touring company

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Chief Keef is going back to jail, according to Texas touring company

Chief Keef 15Finally, Chief Keef may have turned eighteen years old, but when he was introduced to the game, he was only sixteen. It has been a little over a year since he became the big name he is and GBE took over the mixtape scene. In this period of time, Chief Keef has remained at the center of one controversy or another.

Last year, before the start of the winter season, Chief Keef was sentenced to sixty days in juvenile detention. When he was sentenced, Chief Keef broke down and cried, much to the delight of some people. What was overlooked, however, was Chief Keef only being a kid despite how strong his music is.

Chief Keef has violated his parole several times since being out of jail. Usually, Chief Keef goes on his Instagram and shows off photos of himself holding guns. Still, there are touring companies around the world willing to book him, including a Texas company that cancelled his September dates because he might be going back to jail.

Read the message from the company below:

Good morning everyone.

As a concert promoter I feel it is our responsibility to provide people with unique and memorable experiences. ScoreMore has accomplished that for the past 4 years, bringing acts to the Southern United States for the first time or sometimes helping to restore the touring brand of acts that had played the old school “nightclub vibes” in years prior… At times it’s bringing Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar or Wiz Khalifa to venues in 2009 or 2010 where they did 200 tickets in a 300 person room… With a gut feeling that they’d be destined for arenas… While sometimes it’s bringing Z-Ro and Trae Tha Truth back together for an ABN Reunion in real music venues with great sound, lights and stage.. A place where fans can feel comfortable in enjoying some of their favorite rap acts.

When Chief Keef was presented to us for some shows in Texas, we were split internally. Some of us at ScoreMore didn’t want to touch the show with a 10 foot pole…. I felt differently, I felt that he had only played terrible clubs and that in a concert setting he could do great, and provide fans with a real concert experience. We were a##ured that he had a new team, and even had a conference call where we explained the importance of him going on stage ON TIME and performing a full set. No 1:30 AM arrivals were going to be acceptable to us. We were a##ured by his management team that this would not occur, and that he was dedicated to this rebranding. We decided to confirm the shows.

Yesterday we were told that Chief Keef was summoned back to court and that he may indeed going back to jail… We are not willing to gamble with your money, and quite frankly, he has failed to report for some of his recent shows, which made us feel like the promises of change were aspirational rather than actual…. We will not allow that to happen.

Chief Keef’s shows on September 18 in Austin and September 19th in San Antonio are officially CANCELLED.

Refunds will be given to ALL ticket buyers. If you purchased online please wait for the ticketing companies (Frontgate Tickets and Ticketfly) to process your refunds. If you purchased hard tickets for either show please contact [email protected] so that we can process a refund manually.

– Sascha & The ScoreMore Family

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