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Chox-Mak announces March Madness music series [PHOTO]

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Chox-Mak announces March Madness music series [PHOTO]

Chox-Mak 7By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In most cases, the month of March is the most pivotal month of the year. Too often, people come into January driven to do better, but tend to fall off the proverbial wagon by February. But, in most cases, March is the month that proves if a person is “bout it” or not, even in basketball, this month is crunch time.

Chox-Mak is no basketball player, but he does have a solid team and a trustworthy coach in DJ YRS Jerzy. Together, they made noise last year, but this year, they are looking for something much bigger. They plan to make their presence felt with a new series of singles they will release.

Back in 2012, Cam’ron and Vado released a new single every day in March. Then, last year, King Louie did something similar. Now, it’s Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy’s turn, but they are going to do it like it has never been done before with their series of single releases and they released the artwork for it tonight.

See the “March Madness” artwork below:

Chox Mak March Madness

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