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Chris Brown and Drake put permanent end to their feud

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Chris Brown and Drake put permanent end to their feud

In the case of Chris Brown and Drake, a lot of people figured their beef would have taken place in 2009. On the heels of the incident with Rihanna, Chris Brown was crucified by the media and essentially replaced with Drake, who dated RiRi. But, it was Drake who supported Chris Brown’s 2010 comeback, jumping on “Deuces.”

Everything appeared cool as long as both men stayed away from Rihanna. In 2012, Rihanna did “Take Care” with Drake and the two got intimate in the music video. Not much longer than that, Chris Brown and Rihanna united for the “Cake” remix that became the radio hit of the year.

DJ Franzen got on Twitter today, following the June 2012 fight with Chris Brown and Drake and the year’s worth of disses, to announce something major. Here, only a handful of days before Drake drops his next album, the two have ended their feud. Earlier this year, Chris Brown admitted he likes Drake’s music, but he just doesn’t care for him as a person, all romantic pursuits aside.

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