Chrisean Rock changes her baby’s name to Jonathan, Jr., after Blueface, because they’re no longer feuding

Chrisean Rock changes baby’s name to Blueface’s real name

Chrisean Rock has been one of the biggest stars in entertainment, over the past three years. The lockdowns of 2020 gave birth to a new form of entertainment. It remains to be seen whether that’s a good thing for not. While many people express concern over Chrisean’s actions, she continues to draw an audience. When she gave birth to her child, she named him Chrisean, Jr. However, after Blueface came to see the child, she renamed him Jonathan, Jr., after him.

Chrisean Rock recently purchased a home in Los Angeles for her and her son. In 2020, she was fresh out of high school, but chose to move into Blueface’s mansion. She was one of several women who moved into the home of the “Thotiana” rapper. At the time, Blueface was reinventing himself from a one hit wonder to having his quarantine series. Of all the women in the house, Chrisean Rock was the one who took over the game.

Chrisean Rock gave birth to Blueface’s second child, her first. Throughout the pregnancy, Blueface and his mother insinuated that he wasn’t the father. Eventually, Blueface claimed the child. However, Chrisean accused him of really not being there. As a result, she named the baby Chrisean, Jr. Now, she has renamed the baby Jonathan Porter, Jr., after Blueface. She said Blueface is no longer a deadbeat and she wouldn’t have changed the baby’s name if they were still beefing.

Source: SayCheese

Chrisean Rock changes baby’s name to Blueface’s real name

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