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Chrisean Rock denies getting back together with Blueface, but says they’re working on becoming best friends again

Chrisean Rock denies getting back together with Blueface

Chrisean Rock has had a highly controversial relationship with Blueface. However, their relationship has been highly profitable. While most people watch their shenanigans play out on social media, they also have their own reality show. In addition, the social media stuff has brought attention back to Blueface’s music. Over the weekend, Blueface visited Chrisean Rock, and the baby. Many assumed they were getting back together. However, Chrisean Rock is telling people that’s not the case.

Chrisean Rock rose to fame in 2020, when Blueface had various women living in his mansion. When he had the women box for his affection, Chrisean Rock won. However, she ended up getting her tooth knocked out. As a result, Blueface took her to the dentist to get it fixed. During that period of time, she was known as “Rock Head.” From that moment, Chrisean slowly became the most popular person on social media.

Chrisean Rock often sparks controversy for her being seemingly obsessed with Blueface. People watching it play out have accused them both of being abusive. In addition, their relationship is often described as “toxic” by those who have watched it play out. Many were worried, when Chrisean Rock revealed she was pregnant. However, Blueface came to see the child, and it looked like the family was reunited. This is something Chrisean said isn’t happening, saying they’re working on being best friends first.

Chrisean Rock denies getting back together with Blueface

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