Chrisean Rock seen in Walmart with her baby hanging out of the carrier, while walking a dog

Chrisean Rock seen having baby hanging out of the carrier

Chrisean Rock is one of the most controversial celebrities in entertainment. The life she had before she got with Blueface makes many wonder why she’s so obsessed with them. How they treat each other when they’re together makes most people consider them “toxic.” Despite this, the two have had a child together. While Chrisean is going through the process of renaming the child, she had her baby in Walmart. She was spotted with the baby just hanging on the carrier, while she also had a dog.

Chrisean Rock rose to fame despite not being an actress or a musician. She follows the trend of people becoming “famous for no reason.” However, in Chrisean’s case, the controversy she is able to create amasses a very large audience. As a result, the Zeus Network wasted no time putting her on their reality shows. In addition, she was so popular within the “Baddies” franchise that Zeus gave her and Blueface a show of their own.

Chrisean Rock definitely is controversial and she gets paid to be that way. However, her latest actions have caused major concern. Since the moment she announced her pregnancy, people have had a lot to say about her choices. First of all, many people feel as if she’s not prepared for motherhood. After all, she named her child Chrisean, Jr. and is now changing his name to Jonathan, Jr. More important than that is how she had her baby hanging from his carrier in Walmart, as she also walked her dog.


Chrisean Rock seen having baby hanging out of the carrier

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