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ClutchIt! – “Improve Your Pic Game” (commercial) | HHV Exclusive [VIDEO]

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ClutchIt! – “Improve Your Pic Game” (commercial) | HHV Exclusive [VIDEO]

By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Given the rash of sextape leaks and images of well-known men in entertainment having their pics leak, it has created a new sub-culture. A lot of men may want to get in on this action, to lure the ladies. Good for them, there is an app for that.

Well, it’s not really an app, but it does involve phones. ClutchIt! is the product and it is a portable phone holder. Unlike many other phone holders, ClutchIt! can grab onto anything and it is movable, eliminating a lot of recent innovations.

ClutchIt! is cost-efficient and eliminates the need for selfie sticks and all other products that are used to take selfies. Yeah, so men who want to play around and make the best pics before they slide in the DMs have an aid. But, seriously, anyone who wants to take better and more authentic selfies need to give ClutchIt! a try.

No more needs for selfie sticks, car mounts, so, when heading to the gym, and streaming on IG and Facebook Live, a person is free to move without the phone. By the way, thank us later, we have a 10% discount offer for all users who use the “HHVIBE” promo code.

Find more information here.

Watch the entire video below:

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