Couple tries to do a gender reveal, but they fail to hit the balloon, and then the balloon flies away [VIDEO]

Couple attempts gender reveal but the balloon flies away

Gender reveals have become something increasing in popularity, every year. However, the more they are done, the more things can happen to go wrong. Honestly, any time anything takes place, there are things that can go wrong. Most people do their gender reveal parties and there’s sometimes the joke when the color comes out wrong. Few couples have ever done one of the reveals and lost the balloon.

Everything surrounding the birth of a child has become a moment. Simply how people do things continues to change. There used to solely be the baby shower, which was celebrating the birth of the child. Initially, baby showers were something that only women attended. Now, there are full-blown parties celebrating both baby showers and gender reveals.

One couple tried to share the revealing of their baby’s gender. However, everything that could go wrong did, in only a matter of seconds. The original plan was for both the man and the woman to hit the balloon and pop it. First, neither the man or woman were able to get the balloon to pop. After that, the balloon began to fly away. As a result, the man tried to run after it.


Couple attempts gender reveal but the balloon flies away

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