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DacksFiness Is Brooklyn’s Best Kept Secret

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DacksFiness Is Brooklyn’s Best Kept Secret

Brooklyn artist, rapper, and motivational coach has not only pushed his career but many others in the streets of Brooklyn. Dackfiness did not count himself out of the grind. During the pandemic, rapper and artist Dacks would hold Clubhouse rooms to educate his peers, friends, and new clubhouse members on ways to own your brand. He assisted many black men and women with the knowledge of building business credit and trading. Dacksfiness was ahead of the wave and promoted personal power and the power of ownership and black financial literacy. 


Nonetheless, the gritty streets of NYC only push your self-expression. Of course, having to uphold the nuances of societal norms and prejudices in the world. He continued to push his music career by hitting the studio more and making music for the masses not only for the popular drill scene. His music has a mix of various styles of music that are more melodic, hook catchy riddims that uplift you. The moment that Dacksfiness announced his new music video release; immediately his supporter ran over to his Youtube channel to hear the official track and you will not be disappointed. Dacks touches on his grind to survive and protect his family. Throughout the ups and downs, he was faced with such as friends and people backstabbing the people he loved the most. He tapped in to create a real banger and a vibe for the masses. 


Check it out!


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