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Damon Dash trashes and abandons Upstate New York mansion

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Damon Dash trashes and abandons Upstate New York mansion

Because of how things turned out, Damon Dash will forever be associated with Jay-Z and the Roc-A-Fella Records dynasty. They did some memorable things and went down in hip hop history. Doing all of that definitely ensured the company to bring in millions for the CEOs.

Damon Dash’s fortunes took a turn for the worst and many wondered how Jay-Z felt about this. After years of speculation, Jay-Z said there was no beef between the two, they just moved on from doing business. In response to his misfortune, Jay-Z said he was confident he would get back on his feet.

Bottoming out is sometimes necessary before one can rise again and this must be bottoming out for Damon Dash. After dodging eighteen months worth of rental payments of $15,000 a month, Damon Dash trashed and abandoned his upstate New York mansion. Dash faces the judge who is critical of his lavish lifestyle.

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