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Dave Chappelle roasts Kanye West on “SNL” and drops the “N-word” [VIDEO]

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Dave Chappelle roasts Kanye West on “SNL” and drops the “N-word” [VIDEO]

Dave Chappelle roasts Kanye West on SNL and says n-word

Dave Chappelle hosted “Saturday Night Live,” last night, and he held nothing back. The famed comedian has overcome a lot, over the years. Just him doing this, alone, is a testament to how far he is come. During the early 2000s, Dave Chappelle rose to become a big names in Hollywood. At the height of his career, he went on what became a ten year hiatus. Upon his return, Kanye West completely took over the news cycles of the social media era. Last month, Ye did the most on “Drink Champs.” As a result, Chappelle dedicated much of his SNL monologue to roasting Ye.

Dave Chappelle is a force in the industry and well-respected by all. When he made his return to the spotlight, Chappelle had the support of Kanye West. Just last year, when Kanye and Drake ended their feud, they partied with Dave right after. During that time, Ye was still riding the high of his historical profits made from the Yeezy/Adidas partnership. At the time, Kanye West was still bragging about being worth $9 billion. However, when Kanye went on “Drink Champs,” his series of controversial comments cost him those partnerships that boosted his net worth.

Dave Chappelle opened “Saturday Night Live” and much of his monologue was directed at Kanye West. As he began discussing the “Drink Champs” interview, he gave N.O.R.E. a shout out. From there, he poked fun at Kanye bragging about how he can’t get cancelled, and how he can’t lose his partnerships. So, when Ye ended up losing all of them, it set up Dave’s punchline. After that, Chappelle went further into his speech and he dropped the “n-word,” describing Kanye.

Dave Chappelle roasts Kanye West on SNL and says n-word

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