Deelishis dances to Ashanti’s “Foolish” on TikTok [VIDEO]

Deelishis dances to Foolish by Ashanti in viral TikTokDeelishis dances to Foolish by Ashanti in viral TikTok

Deelishis has come under a lot of scrutiny, lately. First, Deelishis was accused of having plastic surgery on her face. After Deelishis said it was IG filters, she was accused of lying. Those who believe her are upset that Deelishis chooses to alter her face for social media.

Deelishis is an icon, though. If not for Deelishis, there would be no IG models. When it comes to thick women, Deelishis is the first of her kid. No, Deelishis is not the first woman with curves. However, Deelishis was the first woman to gain fame simply from her body.

Deelishis was definitely one of the top women in the game from 2006 until 2008. When social media became king, Deelishis was overlooked. However, Deelishis never went anywhere. Since Deelishis’ original run, many women have come and gone. As a result, they are now forgotten. In a wild turn of events, Deelishis is seeing the game shift back to her. Almost everything Deelishis does goes viral. This includes her remaking Ashanti’s “Foolish” on TikTok. A whole sixteen years later, Deelishis is making noise. In turn, Deelishis is doing major numbers.

Deelishis dances to Foolish by Ashanti in viral TikTok

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