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Details surface surrounding the death of Doe B

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Details surface surrounding the death of Doe B

Doe B 2This past weekend was one of the saddest in recent memory and it all started with the death of Doe B. His death was said and the details behind it were even worse, as a young woman was also killed in the frenzy. Kimberle Johnson was the other fatality and a vigil was held for them both.

Though it feels longer, the world has only had a little under 48 hours to digest and mourn the death of Doe B. DJ Frank White stated he warned Doe B against going back home, citing the level of hate. The hatred prevailed, as the shooters not only got Doe B, they also got Kimberle, who was celebrating her birthday.

Additional details have emerged in the case, now, as it was revealed the shooting began at 1:30 am at Centennial Hill Bar and Grill. In addition to the two deaths, there were six other people who suffered injuries from the shooting. Todd Strange, the major of Montgomery, has ordered the club shut down, as it had shootings in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2012, under various names.

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