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Deyjah Harris responds to T.I.’s controversial comments about her virginity saying she can’t get through to him [VIDEO]

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Deyjah Harris responds to T.I.’s controversial comments about her virginity saying she can’t get through to him [VIDEO]

By: Brittney O. Entertainment Editor


Deyjah Harris,18, is the daughter of King of the South‘s T.I. Harris. In a household of five other siblings, the beautiful social media maven is one of the quieter of her siblings, as she has no desire to be a part of the music industry like her siblings King (15), Domani (19), and Zonnique (24). On a recent episode of the family’s reality show, T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle, fans finally get the to learn how Deyjah truly felt after her father, T.I.’s controversial comments about her being a virgin and admitting that he accompanies her on doctor visits to make sure that she was not sexually active.

The comments were made as the ExpediTIously podcast creator was a featured guest on the Ladies Like Us podcast and quickly put his foot in his mouth when they began speaking about his kids. Specifically Deyjah.

“..Not only do we have “the conversation,” we have yearly trips to the gynecologists to check her hymen.”

T.I. stated back in November of 2019, sending the podcast hosts in shock as they laughed and joked that poor Deyjah was a prisoner. While thinking he was simply being a protective father, the rapper began trending on Twitter immediately as he was faced with extreme backlash. Deyjah decided not to make any comments about her father at the time, although sources reported that she was embarrassed.

On the latest episode of the family’s reality show, Deyjah expressed that she was “shocked, hurt, angry and embarrassed” as she learned of the ordeal on Twitter and added that she and T.I. aren’t very close after the headlining incident. She shared with her cousins that T.I. makes a big difference in her brothers, as he jokes that 15 year-old King will one day be someone’s “baby daddy” as he knows that the teenage boy is sexually active, while he watches her like a hawk.

“I’m not going to be able to get through to him like I need to. He always plays victim, honestly. I just don’t care to be around him right now.. I’ll be a better parent — Not saying he’s a bad parent, but when it comes to stuff like this, I’m just going to be more connected mentally, emotionally, all of that so…”

The 18 year-old beauty breaks down crying as she explains to her cousins that the situation has all been a bit traumatizing for her.


Do you think that T.I. and Deyjah’s relationship can ever be repaired after this? Share your comments below.


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