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Diddy partying at Cheyenne Saloon in Orlando tonight

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Diddy partying at Cheyenne Saloon in Orlando tonight

By The Hip Hop Writer
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In order to become the acclaimed mogul he is, Diddy has gone through several changes, switching names three times in the process. With the style of dress, changes in names, and business venture, one thing has always remained the same with Diddy. No matter what he is involved with, Sean Combs is going to party. His entry into the game came when he was in college and was a party promoter.

Diddy, then known as Puffy, threw parties and built relationships with many celebrities, leading him to befriend Heavy D and land a role with Uptown Records. After Uptown, Diddy launched his own label and the millions came. Instead of doing college parties, he soon began doing yacht parties. Now, Diddy is known as the party king of hip hop, with a host of other titles.

Over twenty years after he promoted his first party, Diddy is still at it. The names of the celebrities have changed, but it is still cool to hang with Diddy. Tonight, Diddy, along with the rest of the hip hop community, is in Orlando in anticipation of the 2012 NBA All-Star Game. As Game said on his Lloyd-assisted, “Hello,” “Diddy down there, so you know where the party at.” The party is tonight at the Cheyenne Saloon and Diddy announced there will be more than enough bottles of Ciroc available.

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