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Diddy signs Machine Gun Kelly to Bad Boy Records

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Diddy signs Machine Gun Kelly to Bad Boy Records

Diddy 2 OLDBy The Hip Hop Writer
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In 2009, Diddy moved Bad Boy Records from Atlantic Records, their home of four years, to Interscope Records. The deal was made because Diddy was focused on expanding the label. Having been with Atlantic Records for so long, Diddy was ready for a change.

While Diddy was entering Interscope Records, 50 Cent announced his intentions on leaving the label. Diddy intended to mold Red Cafe’s career while with Interscope Records. Fans have yet to hear from Red Cafe, but they have heard from Bad Boy.

Diddy intended to sign Kreayshawn to Bad Boy Records. Kreyshawn made waves, earlier this summer. However, Diddy was unable to convince her to sign with the label. Determined to expand the roster of Bad Boy, Diddy still signed a new artist.

Machine Gun Kelly, a rising artist from Cleveland, Ohio, was officially signed to Bad Boy Records, earlier today. Both Diddy and Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records, discussed the signing today. Kelly also talked about his rise. Today, Machine Gun Kelly talked about how he started literally in the basement and how his career grew to him eventually signing to Bad Boy Records.

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