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DJ Junior offers special deals for up-and-coming artists for a limited time

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DJ Junior offers special deals for up-and-coming artists for a limited time

DJ Junior 5Many who are familiar with the trap mixtape scene know who DJ Junior is. He is one of the leading mixtape DJs in the game, a member of 1017 Brick Squad, and a contributor here at Hip Hop Vibe. In short, DJ Junior is one of the busiest people in the music industry.

With a New Year that’s not so new anymore comes new plans. DJ Junior made his name on the mixtape scene working with up-and-coming artists, but has new career focuses. One of his focuses for 2014 is working more in the media, as he feels this is the next step for him.

Before he gets into that, however, DJ Junior is making an offer for the independent artists that they can’t refuse. He is the one stop shop for artist promotion. Recently, he released some info via Instagram artists may be interested in. Outside of his mixtape work, DJ Junior has a lot coming up, which will show a new side to him.

Already, DJ Junior has made a bit of a transition. He has interviewed both Young Sir and Mike Brown Da Czar, who are making moves in Washington, DC, his native city. Both artists are continuing to make a name for themselves in the city and DJ Junior is offering a helping hand to some others who want a chance to succeed in the rap game. This opportunity, however, is not limited to artists in DC, as DJ Junior has worldwide connections.

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