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DJ Khaled explains his use of the N-word

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DJ Khaled explains his use of the N-word

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A few years ago, DJ Khaled discussed the N-word and why he uses it. Growing up in black neighborhoods, Khaled says he grew up with the word. Because of his roots in Palestine, DJ Khaled said he was called a “sand nigga.”

After growing up and becoming a part of the hip hop industry, the word has stuck with him. Recently, Khaled again discussed his use of the “N-word.” On many of his records, DJ Khaled screams “nigga” over the track and no one takes offense.

However, Jennifer Lopez came under fire for using the word, in 2001. On her “I’m Real (remix),” Lopez used the word in her verse. Ja Rule was also featured on the song, and he also used the N-word. While many fans were upset, Ja Rule did not get into any trouble and he did not take offense.

In the time since then, the fans have gotten less sensitive. DJ Khaled spoke on the word saying he, himself, is a nigga. Using the word as slang, DJ Khaled thinks nothing of it. Khaled said if people think of the word in a different way, they are dumb. The popular DJ argues he is using the word in a positive manner, much like the way Ace Hood has been using the word.

Watch DJ Khaled as he explains the use of the N-word in the video below:

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