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DJ Khaled’s Instagram followers are “Suffering From Success” [PHOTOS]

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DJ Khaled’s Instagram followers are “Suffering From Success” [PHOTOS]

DJ Khaled 3Much credit to DJ Khaled for all that he has managed to do over the past seven years. This is both in music and entertainment. Going from a little-known Miami DJ to the president of Def Jam South to just being a force, DJ Khaled does it all. But, when it comes to his latest album, Suffering From Success, DJ Khaled is going all out.

DJ Khaled may not have had the reaction many thought he would with the Drake-inspired lead single, “No New Friends,” with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, but he kept himself in the headlines. A few weeks ago, DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj and put on a show. It was only to preview “I Wanna Be With You.”

Now with two singles out and the latter with Future, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross making waves, DJ Khaled is going in for the kill. Until this year, no one was talking about suffering from success and DJ Khaled has shown the struggle on Instagram. His own photos have shown it, like the one above.

DJ Khaled has since encouraged all of his followers to upload their own photos of them “suffering from success.” If they tag DJ Khaled, he will post them on his Instagram. Below, are a compilation of a few of the many photos of fans who have submitted to DJ Khaled to be featured on his Instagram.

Suffering from Success 1Suffering from Success 2Suffering from Success 3Suffering from Success 4Suffering from Success 5Suffering from Success 6Suffering from Success 7Suffering from Success 8Suffering from Success 9Suffering from Success 10


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