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Dr. Dre says Compton is hip hop and that it’s “Game time” #TheDocumentary2 [VIDEO]

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Dr. Dre says Compton is hip hop and that it’s “Game time” #TheDocumentary2 [VIDEO]

DrdregamevidA decade ago, Dr. Dre did something legendary when he decided to team up Game with 50 Cent. This, paired with his own momentum turned Game into a star who could stand on his own two. Hi-jinks stopped the situation from reaching its full potential, but everyone is well paid.

Back in 2009, Dr. Dre reunited with Game and the two have not stopped working since then. In fact, Game returned in 2011, following a three year hiatus with an album every year, except for 2013. Even then, however, he dropped a mixtape.

The return most fans are interested in, however, is Dr. Dre, who was brought back for the new Apple Music streaming service. As the host of Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio show, “The Pharmacy,” Dr. Dre is rumored to soon be releasing his new album. In the meantime, he stars in the promo for the new Game album, where he says Compton is hip hop and that it’s Game time, as in Game.

Watch The Documentary 2 promo video below:

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