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Drake donates $50,000 to a young woman’s college tuition [PHOTO]

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Drake donates $50,000 to a young woman’s college tuition [PHOTO]

What a lot of people, who strive for money and fame, forget is the regular people. Sure, they want to be rich and famous, in order to show off, for their friends, but what about the others? Where it’s needed, it’s important to use that money and influence to help.

Drake has established himself as the top rapper, in the game. Even with taking 2017 off, he still had the biggest album, and he’s been consistent, since 2009. As big as he is, he still finds time to give back, where he can.

Known for spending time in Miami, Drake donated $25,000 to Miami’s main high school, Miami Senior High School. Immediately after, Drake changed the life of Destiny Paris, a college student. He donated $50,000 to her college tuition, helping her receive a major head-start in her life.

See Destiny Paris’ Instagram post below:


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